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Program Outcomes

Patterns and Rates of Employment

The Joseph F. McCloskey School of Nursing at Lehigh Valley Health Network prepares the graduate to practice as a generalist in hospitals, health care agencies, and programs in the community. The graduate will assume responsibilities of the professional nurse in these settings. It is expected that with continuing and advanced education, professional growth, and nursing experience, the graduate, over time, will experience promotional changes in areas of specialization and employment settings.

It is expected that >85% of the graduates of the program will be employed in nursing within one year of graduation.

Performance on NCLEX
It is expected that the program's NCLEX-RN licensure examination pass rate will be at or above the National Mean.

Program Satisfaction
Program satisfaction is the level of satisfaction with the nursing program's resources, facilities, student services, curriculum, instruction, integrity of practices and policies, and educational effectiveness, as evaluated by students, alumni, alumni, employers, and faculty. This is accomplished through evaluation of total program, clinical and classroom instruction, exit interview, follow-up of graduates, employer evaluation, and faculty review of curriculum.

Employer Satisfaction
Employer satisfaction is the level of satisfaction with graduates' performance at one year as perceived by their employers. This is measures by a survey of employers on the graduates' use of nursing process, critical thinking, communication, leadership, and patient teaching skills, professional accountability, and professional growth.

Graduation Rate
Graduation rate is the percentage of students completing the Program within three years following admission to the first nursing course, or within 150% of length of nursing courses only.